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Apr 2019, KAWS continues his impressive string of projects. This time, KAWS makes an even bigger splash in the summer with the global debut of the colossal 28 meter long float KAWS:HOLIDAY, a monumental inflatable COMPANION, the largest sculptural endeavor by the artist to date and his first artwork to float on water.

KAWS hysteria seems to have received a massive revival over the past few years. With a recent installation at the Fort Worth Modern Art Musuem, enormous lines, and a crashed website, it speaks to the popularity KAWS continues to enjoy. With such reinvigorated interest, collectors of KAWS artwork have seen great increases in the value of their collections, especially within his limited edition vinyl toy creations. But with increased demand and prices, the market for extremely well-made replica toys has exploded, something a tad ironic for fans of the brand.

On staying away from fakes, what do you look out for? Is it checking out the colors and specfic details all the way down to the box and the toy? or by examining the weight and feel of the plastics?

Luckily for fans of Kaws, the recent Hong Kong's collection release signals there will be a new way for anyone to examine the toy, you too can verify your latest KAWS collection.

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