Transform your products into a content channel and deliver digital experiences straight to customers

Product Authentication:

A Product authentication solution's primary duty is to enable individuals in the supply chain to easily and securely authenticate products. Our ready-to-use off the shelf solutions that allow product authentication to take place almost instantly. You are able to customise the tags in design, size and shape so they can be integrated into existing labels, closures, boxes, seals, and even the product itself.

Personalization Gifting Strategy:

Everyone Loves A Present! Integrate Gifting into Your Marketing Strategy. With our application, you can introduce different promotion gifts to your client, and your client will only need your App and tap their phone onto your product to claim their gift. Our exclusive marketing services offer you a new direct communication channel via your products with your customers and help you increase your sales by improving your customer intelligence and loyalty.

Instant Consumerism:

How we can help adopting to the 'Want-It-Now' Generation? The Age of digital consumerism means we can buy a new outfit any time day or night and replenish the fridge with the click of a button. This rapid shift in behavioural habits is prompting a radical shake-up for our product consumable market as everyone in the industry is looking for new ways to make sure that they exploit eight-second attention spans of their clients to maximum profit.

Product Engagement:

Today’s customer is not locked in. They have competitive choices and the ability to move to another product. Going forward, customers will feel entitled to an amazing customer experience and woe to companies that don’t give it to them. Our application allows the measuring the ROI of your development activities by knowing what is and what is not being used in your product. This extends to your planned functionality as well, as you can gain data or ask for feedback from your customer if necessary to improve prioritization of your roadmap.

Big Data:

Product Development in the Age of Big Data takes the guess work out and also helps develop products that are feasible through active management. A new generation of smart products will provide design engineering with practical information on how products are used in the field. Information discovery and analysis (tools) will help designers intelligently sift through mounds of data to provide wisdom that will help improve product development, the design of products, and enhance business performance.

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We design and manufacture customized NFC antenna for passive tags suitable for your product. In addition, we help encode your NFC chips so that it will work seamlessly with your mobile applications.

We can provide in different forms such as boxes, packaging, tags, stickers, tags, accessories and etc. Our five factories - located in Hong Kong, China (Dongguan & Shenzhen, Zhejiang) and Indonesia (Jakarta)

We are expert in developing NFC applications for Android & IOS mobile platform, as well as developing web-based server database that work together with mobile applications. As with anything, a business solution is only ever as good as its execution. You may have a great commercial idea that seems to be perfect for using proximity technology, but without a foundation of intuitive, well-designed software it may never become successful.

We provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups. It frees you to focus on your applications so you can give your clients the fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility your client need.

Big data is the enormous amount of data sets that require specialized systems to analyze and interpret data to arrive at a data pattern. Some of our big data tools used for big data analysis include predictive analysis.

New product development involves substantial trial and error. Big data takes the guess work out and also helps develop products that are feasible through active management.

Another advantage of big data is that it analyses information in real time thereby reducing the time devoted to analyzing large data sets. It, in turn, creates a cycle to take prompt decision making and escalate the speed from idea generation to product delivery.