NFC Smart POP Display

The role of printed signs and point-of-purchase displays for advertising has been fundamentally redefined with the emergence of NFC mobile technology. Now, static printed NFC products are an important component of successful digital advertising campaigns because of their ability to visually prompt audiences, in real world contexts, to tap their mobile device and initiate a mobile web experience. Because of this, there are amazing new opportunities to interact with shoppers in retail environments with printed products combined with NFC tags and mobile web content.

We offers a range of printed NFC products which includes smart posters, frames, duratrans, counter signs, window cling decals and stickers. All of these are intended to promote mobile web interactions with audiences for advertising campaigns.

The NFC Touch mobile marketing platform combines a mobile website builder with NFC tags, NFC management, NFC sticker printing, and NFC campaign analytics. Printed NFC signs and products deliver mobile websites, social content, and payment information with the touch of a compatible mobile device. NFC tag stickers are attached to print marketing such as posters, duratrans, window clings, packaging, displays and other forms of retail signage. Marketing with NFC tags is the newest way to connect brands with their mobile audiences using digital content in the physical world.

NFC is the vital link that will take print signage to the next level. NFC will allow customers to further engage with print signage through a simple touch of the phone to an NFC target. This will turn printed signage into real world a call-to-action for mobile interactions. NFC enabled signage products will also deliver more value and will track analytics that drive marketing campaigns. This has always been a challenge for printed signage.