Omni-Channel Retail Is The Future of Commerce

We make IoT Transformation to all your products and your store, we are an One-Stop IoT & NFC Solution Provider that allows your customer to:

  • 1) Self-checkout with their mobile phone,
  • 2) Receive personalised promotion at the time when they are at your store,
  • 3) Enjoy omni-channel customer loyalty program,
  • 4) Browse through product review in your social media platform,
  • 5) Check for product Authentication before their purchase,
  • 6) Personalised Promotion for each of your customer.
Our solution is the most cost effective IoT Solution available, it doesn't requires additional hardware from you, doesn't require a lot of training for your staff. It works in contingency with your existing retail shop. Because we have an unique ID established for each of your products, therefore we are able to monitor very accurately on all your products and customers.

We use NFC to give each of your product an unique ID, NFC is currently being use in credit card and online payment for unique identification for the banking industry. We are using this technology in the luxury retail industry to act as a mean for product authentication. Because we can identify what product it is, so when it communicate with the mobile phone, we can able to push targeted promotion accordingly.

Another feature that we can making use of is the fact that it allows near field communication with mobile phone, therefore we are using it as a mean for client to perform self-check out with their mobile phone and the order can be validate by a member of your staff to prevent long queue at the counter.

We are IoT specialist in NFC technology. Our solution is a low cost IoT solution that can be easily implemented to your existing operation. The data that you can obtain from our solution is tremendous. We will provide some very useful insight on your customer and your products, our solution also help you to build a digital community between your customers and our Onmi-channel customer loyalty Program would blow your customer away!

We design and manufacture customized NFC antenna for passive tags suitable for your product. In addition, we help encode your NFC chips so that it will work seamlessly with your mobile applications.

We can provide in different forms such as boxes, packaging, tags, stickers, tags, accessories and etc. Our five factories - located in Hong Kong, China (Dongguan & Shenzhen, Zhejiang) and Indonesia (Jakarta)

We are expert in developing NFC applications for Android & IOS mobile platform, as well as developing web-based server database that work together with mobile applications. As with anything, a business solution is only ever as good as its execution. You may have a great commercial idea that seems to be perfect for using proximity technology, but without a foundation of intuitive, well-designed software it may never become successful.

We provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups. It frees you to focus on your applications so you can give your clients the fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility your client need.

Big data is the enormous amount of data sets that require specialized systems to analyze and interpret data to arrive at a data pattern. Some of our big data tools used for big data analysis include predictive analysis.

New product development involves substantial trial and error. Big data takes the guess work out and also helps develop products that are feasible through active management.

Another advantage of big data is that it analyses information in real time thereby reducing the time devoted to analyzing large data sets. It, in turn, creates a cycle to take prompt decision making and escalate the speed from idea generation to product delivery.