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Counterfeit activities are now a global problem affecting companies across a range of industries worldwide.

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We help protect our clients brand identities, enhance digital experiences, and print materials that indicate clearly where to scan, provision of apps store for distribution, and look fantastic.

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Best solutions for combat counterfeit

The way that our authentication solution work is actually quite simple! Just like a credit card transmits a one-time transaction code that’s encrypted. We use the same authentication technique from credit card to protect your product, your customer and your brand.

Beyond product authentication, the role of product design has been fundamentally redefined with the emergence of O2O (Online to Offline) and NFC Technology. The evolution of product development comes when it can connect you with your customer digitally via your product!

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Encrypted UID

Encrypted UID

Random ID and encrypted UID for enhanced privacy protection


Dynamic Data Authentication

Dynamic data authentication is a protocol for verifying that your product is legitimate.


AES-128 Cryptography

AES-128 cryptography for authentication or LRP wrapped AES operation for stronger attack resistance

sun authentication

SUN Message Authentication

SUN message authentication for advanced data protection within standard NDEF read operation

Authentication Solution

It Doesn't Stop Here

Authentication Solution

It Doesn't Stop Here

Document Authentication Solution

Authenticate with TrustDoc

You will need these NFC chipped paper from us to experience the total solution of TrustDoc, feel free to contact us for our TrustDoc paper.

Try scan your TrustDoc Paper using our App to verify such document. Enjoy!
White Label Solution

Document Authentication

Fake or false documents feature in the majority of modern financial frauds and are the greatest menace facing in the international trading community.

Financial institutions, traders, insurance companies, shipping agents and other intermediaries all rely on transport documents such as Bills of Lading, Seaway Bills, Airway Bills, CMR and FCR when making decisions. A document that appears genuine can induce a bank to pay for goods or finance a trade. It can prompt an insurance company to grant cover on a ship or shipment, or indemnify a fraudulent claimant. It may lead a shipping agent to release a cargo to someone that is not entitled to it.

It is important to remember that any document can be forged. In today's business world, fake documents mostly copy the style of a legitimate trader and it can be difficult for a non-experienced eye to spot the difference.

Incorporation and formation documents are all very important legal documents, as well as merger documents. If your business is expanding its operations, you’ll see real estate and leasing paperwork being checked internationally. Patent applications and trademark paperwork must work across borders.

Documents for tax and probate purposes, regulatory paperwork for agency requirement certifications, the list goes on.

Even just making copies for use internationally can require regular document authentication services. Often, duplicated documents need original signatures, and each time those documents are signed, the authenticity of that new document will need to be verified.

Many corporations place their trust in a reliable third party which often comes with a high cost and causes delay to your business process. By printing the legal documents on paper provided by TRUSTDoc or at your own "White Labelled Brand", you are allowing authentication of your documents for any international affair.

Inside and outside of the corporate world, the chain of trust that document authentication creates can be used extensively. If the person checking your document is unsure, they can authenticate the document you provide instantly with their mobile phone and contact the document owner accordingly when necessary.

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End-To-End NFC Solution Provider

We understand that converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. We will take time to understand your idea and advice the dynamics associated with it.

Provision of NFC Tag

Design and develop of your NFC Tag to ensure the most appropriate NFC chips for your application is being used, recommendation on suitable antenna size and material.

Mobile Application

Design and develop mobile application on Android, HMS and IOS platform and to include hosting services. Provision of our apps store so anyone can download your apps online.

Hardware or Cloud Infrastructure

Design and installation of a computer and server set for your application that shall be applicable to handle the data flow required from your application.

Data Analysis

Establish of a dashboard platform to demonstrate the performance on your application. Customized alerts and response can be program in accordingly.

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