Event Management is Making IoT Transformation

Use NFC technology to transform your event with anything from contactless payment to real-time visitor management!

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Save time by using NFC Check-In Solution

Now you can equipment all your staff at the gate with just a mobile device to control the flow of your visitors. The data are real-time update to ensure accuracy.

Unlimited In and Out Checkpoint

More than just enabling control for entry, crowd control and tracking. Allowing you to know exactly who and how many people at all zone.

Real-Time Visitor Management

Establish zone entry permits, VIP access control as well as real-time management, data analysis and reports for the organizers.

Easy Setup and Management

You decide what data you want to see and we will present the real-time data to you in a dashboard.

The Flow of People

In-depth data on the number of visitor at each hour of the day. Understand the trend and the behaviour of your customer at your event.

The Flow of Money

Pay-Cashless Solution with NFC wristband at your event provided a Cost Effective, Convenient and Quick transaction alternatives in a secure manner for the event organizer.


Registration of your visitor at your event with NFC Wristband Card Ticket Name Badge

After customer has paid for entry, staff can register a NFC wristband for each of the visitor and to allow purchases within the event.

Staff can set it's application zone, valid date or even top-up the pre-pay amount for each of your visitor.

Once NFC Wristband has been setup, it is ready to use instantly and visitor can get access to your event accordingly.

Forget about design limits

Setting up of a Mini Store at your event

Allowing games areas, restaurants, camping sites, coffee shops to create their own e-shop within the application and to enable cashless payment within your event. Now with just a single tap visitors can pay for items without need of involving money transaction at cashier side. This involves faster checkout and quick service to large number of visitors in short span of time.

Real-Time Management of all Transactions in your event

Our solution allow the uses of any NFC enabled Smartphone to replace traditional POS devices. Visitors will get NFC enabled Cards or Wristbands with cash topped up into it.


Individual shop can view their own transactional record only with analysis

Event host will have a Marco-view of all the transactions at the entire event

The accounting data can be export onto excel

Real-Time data is available

PR & Marketing

Leverage NFC Technology for Powerful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Give access to more information about your event using NFC technology to unveil useful and entertaining information. Grant access to sweepstakes, contests, instant win games.

It offers the ultimate in convenience, speed and interactions. Take advantage of this features to open up a new dimension in user experience and run successful mobile contests - in a dynamic and playful way!

Promote your business with exclusive coupon offers. Use Digital Couponing to drive trafic to your stores with attractive coupons and special offers using NFC.

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Why should you adopt to this solution?

Control the flow of your Visitor and Money

Our solution is a Complete Toolkit – The only solution that covers all aspects of an event, including: Visitor Entry, Event Marketing, Enable Cashless Payment, Light, Easy Setup and Super Cost Effective.

Connecting the Digital with our Physical World

Your source for making digital transformation with NFC & RFID technology

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Up-coming trend of NFC in the music industry

We are living in an immaterial world. Music Blocks, tiles with embedded NFC chips, are one idea, and now team up with a popular electronic music label and artist. Basically, you can think of these tiles as connected art decoration.

How to use NFC smart lock to enhance transparency?

In the age of digitalisation where there are a mobile apps for everything, NFC locking is an electronic system that uses a digital vs mechanical key with built-in NFC to control device access.

The Trend and development of Smart Packaging

NFC devices are small and, unlike barcodes and QR codes, do not need to be visible. They can therefore be integrated non-intrusively underneath labels or existing packaging.

How to digitally transform construction sites?

The construction industry has entered the 2.0 era. Many construction sites have adopted various digital technologies to improve production efficiency.

How to digital transform event visitor management?

Event Management is Making IoT Transformation. Use NFC technology to transform your event with anything from contactless payment to real-time visitor management! Setting up of a Mini Store at your event.

How to digital transform a gym?

For those who are not thinking about digital transformation as an essential part of their health club business, however, great risk is being taken on for their future.

What NFC applications are there in a Party Room?

With the new NFC Smart Tags, you can activate all your favourite Smart Party Room functions without opening up the App.

Latest trend on Smart Gifts & Premium Industry

Learn more about the development trend of the gift industry? What is Fashion Tech? The future trend of NFC home decoration.

How to use NFC technology in Smart Retail

The future of retail is about personalisation and responsiveness based on customer’s preference and needs.

Introduction to NFC FinTech Technology

Fintech is the abbreviation of Financial plus technology, which is "financial technology". The financial services we know are carried out through technological means.

The 5 most common Misconceptions about NFC

There are many NFC 'facts' which we believe to be true – but in this video, we will point out that many are simple misconceptions.

How can NFC help children with their learning?

How to make learning fun? Playing games are human nature. Game-based learning has been an important topic in both domestic and foreign education learning and teaching research in recent years.

Exchanging business card will never be the same

NFC business cards are an environmental friendly, modern and novel twist on the traditional business card. The cards can send your business details to your prospective new clients.

How to use NFC technology in Orienteering?

Orienteering is a group of sports that require navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed.

Introduction to NFC chips, Tag, Card & Stickers

NFC "tags" mentioned here are actually just a general term. In fact, "NFC tags" does not necessary be a sticker. According to your application scenarios, it can be in different forms.

How to program NFC chips with your phone?

You will learn how to write Data to a NFC Tag using Your Android Device or if you have an iPhone, we will also cover that too! Programming a NFC tag basically means writing the actions you want to perform to your tag.

How to use NFC in a Smart Factory?

NFC is going to play a very important role in Industrial revolution 4.0. Today’s manufacturing applications are increasingly using NFC tags to store data. This not only makes the manufacturing of customised products more flexible and efficient.

How to adopt an OMO Strategy with NFC?

OMO often refers to a marketing strategy designed to improve customer experience by providing an integrated service that transcends the boundary between the online and offline worlds.

What is NFC (Near Field Communication)?

To understand what is NFC (Near Field Communication) what is NFC? What can you use NFC for? In this video, we will cover 1) The history of NFC, 2) How NFC technology works? 3) What is the difference between NFC and RFID, QR Code or Bluetooth?

Digitisation of Properties Management

Staff can 'check in' at every patrol point along pre-set routes with a smartphone. If they encounter anything unusual, staff can take photos or make recordings instantly, and upload the files to the system for reporting and handling purposes.

How to turn on NFC in your phone and how to use NFC in mobile?

You might have heard of NFC on your phone, but actually what is NFC? How can we use NFC in mobile? What feature NFC has? How can you turn NFC on with your phone?

Digital Transformation Trend in Hotel Management

Bringing convenience and better experience to guests is the first priority of all hotels. Guests like more personalised design; if they can get exactly what they want the way that they like it, then they will feel more like at home.

How regular inspection can be digital transform?

Imagine that your operation process can be simplified and yet improving accuracy, efficiency and data transparency at the same time. This is the core value of our NFC mobile workflow management solution.

How to Reduce the Risk of Forged Documents?

Fake or false documents feature in the majority of modern financial frauds and are the greatest menace facing in the international trading community.

How to combat product counterfeiting?

NFC Product authorization is so simple that most people can tap their phone onto the product. Having an effective product authentication solution can gain customer trust.


End-To-End NFC Solution Provider

We understand that converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. We will take time to understand your idea and advice the dynamics associated with it.

Provision of NFC Wristband

Design and develop of your NFC wristband to ensure the most appropriate NFC chips for your application is being used, recommendation on suitable antenna size and material.

Mobile Application

Design and develop mobile application on Android, HMS and IOS platform and to include hosting services. Provision of our apps store so anyone can download your apps online.

Hardware or Cloud Infrastructure

Design and installation of a computer and server set for your application that shall be applicable to handle the data flow required from your application.

Data Analysis

Establish of a dashboard platform to demonstrate the performance on your application. Customized alerts and response can be program in accordingly.

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