Event Management is Making IoT Transformation

Use NFC technology to transform your event with anything from contactless payment to real-time visitor management!

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Save time by using NFC Check-In Solution

Now you can equipment all your staff at the gate with just a mobile device to control the flow of your visitors. The data are real-time update to ensure accuracy.

Unlimited In and Out Checkpoint

More than just enabling control for entry, crowd control and tracking. Allowing you to know exactly who and how many people at all zone.

Real-Time Visitor Management

Establish zone entry permits, VIP access control as well as real-time management, data analysis and reports for the organizers.

Easy Setup and Management

You decide what data you want to see and we will present the real-time data to you in a dashboard.

The Flow of People

In-depth data on the number of visitor at each hour of the day. Understand the trend and the behaviour of your customer at your event.

The Flow of Money

Pay-Cashless Solution with NFC wristband at your event provided a Cost Effective, Convenient and Quick transaction alternatives in a secure manner for the event organizer.


Registration of your visitor at your event with NFC Wristband Card Ticket Name Badge

After customer has paid for entry, staff can register a NFC wristband for each of the visitor and to allow purchases within the event.

Staff can set it's application zone, valid date or even top-up the pre-pay amount for each of your visitor.

Once NFC Wristband has been setup, it is ready to use instantly and visitor can get access to your event accordingly.

Forget about design limits

Setting up of a Mini Store at your event

Allowing games areas, restaurants, camping sites, coffee shops to create their own e-shop within the application and to enable cashless payment within your event. Now with just a single tap visitors can pay for items without need of involving money transaction at cashier side. This involves faster checkout and quick service to large number of visitors in short span of time.

Real-Time Management of all Transactions in your event

Our solution allow the uses of any NFC enabled Smartphone to replace traditional POS devices. Visitors will get NFC enabled Cards or Wristbands with cash topped up into it.


Individual shop can view their own transactional record only with analysis

Event host will have a Marco-view of all the transactions at the entire event

The accounting data can be export onto excel

Real-Time data is available

PR & Marketing

Leverage NFC Technology for Powerful Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Give access to more information about your event using NFC technology to unveil useful and entertaining information. Grant access to sweepstakes, contests, instant win games.

It offers the ultimate in convenience, speed and interactions. Take advantage of this features to open up a new dimension in user experience and run successful mobile contests - in a dynamic and playful way!

Promote your business with exclusive coupon offers. Use Digital Couponing to drive trafic to your stores with attractive coupons and special offers using NFC.

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Why should you adopt to this solution?

Control the flow of your Visitor and Money

Our solution is a Complete Toolkit – The only solution that covers all aspects of an event, including: Visitor Entry, Event Marketing, Enable Cashless Payment, Light, Easy Setup and Super Cost Effective.


End-To-End NFC Solution Provider

We understand that converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. We will take time to understand your idea and advice the dynamics associated with it.

Provision of NFC Wristband

Design and develop of your NFC wristband to ensure the most appropriate NFC chips for your application is being used, recommendation on suitable antenna size and material.

Mobile Application

Design and develop mobile application on Android, HMS and IOS platform and to include hosting services. Provision of our apps store so anyone can download your apps online.

Hardware or Cloud Infrastructure

Design and installation of a computer and server set for your application that shall be applicable to handle the data flow required from your application.

Data Analysis

Establish of a dashboard platform to demonstrate the performance on your application. Customized alerts and response can be program in accordingly.

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