The Most Common Workflow Bottlenecks

Imagine that your operation process can be simplified and yet improving accuracy, efficiency and data transparency at the same time.

Real-Time Data Not Available

A lot of business operation system requires an additional data entry staff to key in data. In reality, this often lack by days or sometimes weeks.

Poor Data Accuracy

Your data analysis is only as good as your data inputs. As a lot of the data is inputted by human, there is a lot of inaccuracy involved, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

Too Many Support Staff

Admin staff ratio for many companies are very high. Inefficient business process management is costing companies money everyday.

Working Progress Not Transparent

Many communication on working progress is often done privately. Alignment of operation information will enhance business efficiency and reduce error.

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Production Staff is being paid on the goods they produced not on their paper records they help generate. Unless making production record is quick and simple otherwise additional admin staff is often required for data entry while production workers can focus on production. Additional staff means delays of data uploading onto the system and additional cost for the factory.

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There are many routine activities involved in Estate management such as security patrol, cleaning operation, quality inspection at construction site, equipment maintenance and many more. It is a nightmare to manage these routine tasks at a Marco-Level for management.

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Any industry with field staff, remote assets or inspection/service tasks will often wonder how can we verify that our staff have really been to the specific location to perform their routine tasks? E.g. Police petrolling our city, street cleaners to empty all the bins, electrical inspectors to carry out routine checking on power facilities.

Ultimate Design

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Mobile Application

Any industry with field staff, remote assets or inspection/service tasks may find that NFC technology could greatly increase their efficiency, accuracy, speed of operation and quality of customer service whilst significantly reducing costs.

Increase Accuracy
Reduce Admin Support
Real-Time Data Made Available

Process Control with NFC

NFC Applications for Android, HMS & IOS mobile platform, as well as developing web-based platform that work together with mobile applications.

Step 1

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Assign NFC Tag

Define location or Object

Pre-set NFC Tag for each remote location or identified equipment. NFC Tag can comes in all sort of forms, include sticker, card, poster or else.

Step 2

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Scan NFC to Make Record

Instantly Upload Record to Server

Staff is required to scan their phone onto the NFC tag to fill in the form. Information such as time, date, specific label or location can be auto-filled after the scan.

Step 3

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Real-Time Data Available

Real-Time Data Analysis

As soon as the form is completed, data is uploaded onto the cloud server and management will always have access to the most up-to-date record regarding to the progress of the operation.

This is an Evolution not Revolution

Incremental upgrade to your existing system

The challenge in today’s organization is not in learning how to accept change, but in how to orchestrate the most efficient change leading to organizational evolution.


Download Our Demo App "NFC For Business" for Trial

Create a demo application and experience yourself how NFC Application can improve your operation with increase efficiency and accuracy.


Feel Free to contact us and request for some NFC Tag from us for trial.


To begin, you will need to create an operation and register different checkpoints with the NFC Tag.


Click "Click here to Scan" and scan the registered NFC Tag to perform task.

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End-To-End NFC Solution Provider

We understand that converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. We will take time to understand your idea and advice the dynamics associated with it.

Provision of NFC Tag

Design and develop of your NFC Tag to ensure the most appropriate NFC chips for your application is being used, recommendation on suitable antenna size and material.

Mobile Application

Design and develop mobile application on Android, HMS and IOS platform and to include hosting services. Provision of our apps store so anyone can download your apps online.

Hardware or Cloud Infrastructure

Design and installation of a computer and server set for your application that shall be applicable to handle the data flow required from your application.

Data Analysis

Establish of a dashboard platform to demonstrate the performance on your application. Customized alerts and response can be program in accordingly.

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