The only limitation is your imagination

The Business Card of Tomorrow is Here

Connect you with people in the digital age

Tap To Save Contact

Share your contact information with just a tap

100% Accurate

Rest assured that your contact has been accurately transmitted

Quick Data Transfer

The transfer of your data will take no more than 1 second

iOS & Android Compatible

Smooth transmission of data to all NFC enabled smartphones

Business Card 2.0 Evolution

You might have already used recycled paper to print your business card to help save the environment, but it would do little to change the underlying system that caused 6 billion business card being printed and then wasted every year. The time to re-invent business card is now!

Instant Transmit of Your Contact Info

Rest assured that next time when you call, your client will know that it is you!

Remind Them Who You Are

Include your image, brochure, social media and more, so they can learn more about you directly from their contact list on their phone.

Save Full Contact Detail

No one would type in all the detail from your business card onto their contact list. Save all your details onto their phone so they can view your profile whenever they want.

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How to use your Touchless Card?

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Be unique, be cool. Exchange contacts with your Touchless Card.

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Digital Business Card

The Business Card for the Future

Reusable Card

Enable the safe transmission of selected contact details & social profiles data to any other smartphone.


The most eco-friendly way of giving out a business card is not to give them a piece of anything that would ended up in the bottom of their drawers.


Cost Less

Traditional business cards are recurring consumables. Digital business card is a tool that transmit your contact info.

Less to Carry

Say goodbye to carrying multiple business cards, this is the one and only business card you need in your next exhibition.

Share More

What information would you like to share with your client?

Company Brochure

Include your online brochure into their address book under your contact profile

Social Media

You can include your Facebook, Linkedin, Instragram, Wechat or else, so they are just 1 click away

Online Documentation

Is there any manual or instruction guide that your client might found useful?


Why not include your company's promotional video in your profile? It helps remind them who you are!

Apps Store

Lead your prospect to apps store where they can download your latest mobile app

Online Shop

If you are operating an e-shop, why not bring them directly onto your platform.


Why is there a light inside your card?

This light can only be wirelessly switch on when there is a NFC connection established. Hence, no battery inside your card. The light will give you an indication when you have a NFC connection.

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Selling Online

It is design to facilitate the experience when these smart business cards are being used

The brighter the light, the stronger the connection.

Beautiful NFC Business Card Designs

Huge collection of designs, rich customization options, flexible style, and instant results!

Why Clients Choose Us?

Constant innovation drives us as a company and helps us to find solutions for our customers tomorrow that weren't possible yesterday

Swire Hotels' NFC Business Card

Out with the old, in with the new!

Non-reusable paper business cards have long been used to share contact info with guests and partners. As part of Swire Hotels' s commitment to sustainability and innovation, they have introduced new NFC business cards that are eco-friendly and hassle-free, transferring contact details with just a simple tap.

Read Swire Hotel's Sustainability Stories
Good Design
Good Design

Award Winning Solution

Through a deep understanding of our audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences.

FinTech Awards 2021

Outstanding Smart Business Card Solution

Award Category: Cybersecurity/ Anti-Fraud

Smart Living Award 2021

Outstanding NFC Technology Solution

Award Category: Small and Medium Business

IFTA Fintech Achievemnent Award 2020

Corporate Achievements in FinTech - Silver

Award Category: Regulatory Tech

Card Material

Customized design on your chosen base material type


Glossy PVC
  • Glossy Finish
  • Light embedded
  • Rounded Corners
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs


Matt PVC
  • Light embedded
  • Spot UV/ Gold Foil Finish
  • Rounded Corners
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm
  • Minimum Order: 20 pcs


  • Available in 8 Different Wood
  • Lazer Engraved
  • Light embedded
  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
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Easy to Start

Prepare your business card design in psd or ai. If you have no mood to design, just send us your logo and we will handle the rest.

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Program Your NFC Business Card with your Smartphone

Download our mobile app "TOUCHLESS". Here you can add, update, edit & enable what you would like to share with your contactless card anytime, anywhere.


Best Solution for managing your digital business card

Managing paper business cards is a resource-consuming task, our application will help your admin team to create digital business card, provision of QR Code to share business contacts and enable you to edit digital profile for your employees and in minutes!

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Encrypted UID

Admin Portal

One centralised point to enable your admin team to create and edit digital business card.


QR Code

Want to use QR code to share contact information instead of using smart business card? No problem, our solution enable you to use both!


Bulk Upload

Upload your staff info in excel format in order to amend their information in batch.

sun authentication

IT Security

Protecting your data is our priority, we maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Frequent Ask Question?

The price is determine based on the card specification and the order quantity, please contact our sales consultant from below for quotation.

No, the light inside the card is being power passively once the NFC connection has been established.

No, we do not provide business card design service. If you need assistant with your design, feel free to contact us and we can refer you to our partners accordingly.

Yes, if you come across any problem with the software or have difficulties using the card, we would be happy to help! Please contact our sales consultant from below.

The cost of the card does not include delivery charges. Once you have confirmed your order, we would estimate your shipping costs based on details, such as shipment destination, date, flight or shipping conditions, and weight.

We would prefer psd or ai file. The Card size of the card: 85.5mm x 54mm, 600 dpi.

Yes, once you have programmed your touchless card, it comes with a digital web profile where your contact can be downloaded digitally. Speak to our sales consultant to find out more.

They would download your contact directly onto their smartphone.

Yes, you can download our mobile app "TOUCHLESS". Here you can add, update, edit & enable what you would like to share with your contactless card anytime, anywhere.

No, there is no other cost other than the inital purchase fee of the touchless card.

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Ultimate Design

Looking for a customized smart business card solution?

Get in touch now! Top organizations know that their people represent their brand. We can customized a smart business card solution to help your enterprise to manage your business cards with all the special features you desire.

Increase Accuracy
Reduce Admin Support
Real-Time Data
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End-To-End NFC Solution Provider

We understand that converting an idea into a reality is extremely difficult. We will take time to understand your idea and advice the dynamics associated with it.

Provision of NFC Card

Design and develop of your NFC card to ensure the most appropriate NFC chips for your application is being used, recommendation on suitable antenna size and material.

Mobile Application

Design and develop mobile application on Android, HMS and IOS platform and to include hosting services. Provision of our apps store so anyone can download your apps online.

Hardware or Cloud Infrastructure

Design and installation of a computer and server set for your application that shall be applicable to handle the data flow required from your application.

Data Analysis

Establish of a dashboard platform to demonstrate the performance on your application. Customized alerts and response can be program in accordingly.